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Simply ‘going outside’ has been fulfilling the spiritual needs of many for some time.  I remember helping students to create a willow dome to sit in and listen to the inner music.  We called it the I pod.  I’ve helped people to create and walk labyrinths on beaches and fields and have even cut one into turf where the paths were lined with seasonal flowers and vegetables.  I have walked and led pilgrimages through natural landscapes.  On going outside I felt more fully alive and connected to something much greater than I ever felt participating in traditional spiritual practices mostly inside buildings.  Often an experience transforms us much more than words.

Forest Church explores what it means to be connected to the whole of nature.  It does this intentionally and in a playful way to make a connection with nature and to connect with the spirit of God that is present within all things, that is the Eternal Christ, first born of all creation which Fr Richard Rohr suggests was ‘the first thought in the mind of God.’  Forest Church is firmly rooted in the Christ tradition, but transcends some of the traditional boundaries to explore the spiritual dimension of the ‘Big Book of God.’

Forest Church also makes much use of the festival year, recognising the turning of the seasons in tune with the spiritual dimension.

Building a true nature connection is ultimately to participate with nature, rather than seeing it as something separate from ourselves.  It is the rare individual who can for themselves see all places as sacred without someone to point the way.  This is where Forest Church can help to guide and encourage folk to encounter the natural world in meaningful ways which help to reflect our use of natural resources and help in being aware of our surroundings, engaging all of our senses.

With the scriptures in our heart, and nature in our senses Forest Church may be able to enable us to participate with nature and enlarge our spiritual understanding of the world and of the Eternal Christ.

The Forest Church Eco-Retreat 24th till 27th May at Cae Mabon near Llanberis will be an opportunity to explore these themes whilst resting amongst the trees in beautiful naturally built accommodation.  We will be exploring the ideas being inspired by those already active in nature connection and enjoying the talents of local artists and storytellers.  There will be opportunities to experience rituals, liturgies and activities for all ages.

Encil-Eco Llan y Llanerch ~

Mis Mai 24-27 2019

Cae Mabon, Fachwen, Llanberis

£175  â llety a bwyd

Mi Fyddwn ni: Crea, Rhannu, Cynulliad a Gwasgariad: Litwrgïau Eglwys Coedwig, Coedwig Celf, Cerddoriaeth, Straeon, Theatr a Teithiau.  Â hefyd wrth gwrs yr hyfryd Cae Mabon, y Tŷ Crwn, Tân, Tŵb poeth ac bwyd flasus llysieuwr.

Mae Penwythnos o Eglwys y Goedwig yn archwiliad dros dridiau o’r hyn y mae’n ei olygu i gymuno â’r greadigaeth gyfan. Ceir yma'r amser ychwanegol i gysylltu yn fwriadol ac yn ddidrafferth gydag ysbryd Duw sydd yn bresennol o fewn pob peth, sef y Crist Diddechrau, Diderfyn.

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Forest Church Eco-Retreat

24-27 May 2019

Cae Mabon, Fachwen, Llanberis

Cost  £175  including accommodation and food

We will be:  Creating, Sharing, Gathering & Scattering: Forest Church Liturgies Forest Art, Music, Storytelling, Theatre and Walks, not to mention the beauty of Cae Mabon, the Hot-tub, Roundhouse, Fire and fabulous vegetarian cooking

A weekend of Forest Church is an exploration of what it means to be connected to the whole of nature. The weekend will provide time to connect intentionally and playfully with the spirit of God that is present within all things, that is the Eternal Christ, first born of all creation, ‘the first thought in the mind of God.’

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